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Can You Read My Draft Please?

Maybe….perhaps…one fine day my poor draft will be checked right? (staring with kitten eyes) 😀   Advertisements

The Declaration of Writers

Dear fellow thesis writers, Let us all digest these motivational words in the manifesto of writers. I know it’s difficult guys but hang in there! Take a rest if it gets too hard… Continue reading

Don’t Give Up!

I genuinely understand the feeling of disliking your own writing. All the sentences seem to be messed up, the word choice seems amateurish and the list goes on. Dear friends, that feeling is… Continue reading

Upcoming Workshop Joint Presentation

My SV suggested a joint presentation of 3 presenters for an upcoming workshop this June. I am supposed to present according to my written chapter but with a little tweak. My SV wrote… Continue reading

The Official Entrance into Thesis Writing Stage

Alhamdulillah finally submitted a half of chapter to Prof. It might seem small to others but it was a huge achievement for me. Writing in English especially academic piece is a damn hard… Continue reading

The “Fear Nots” in Writing

I admit that I always feel afraid during writing process. All sort of negative thinking keep provoking me and I know that is not ‘healthy’ for a thesis writer like me. So friends,… Continue reading

Music for Thesis Writing

Saya kalau buat kerja memang tak boleh sunyi sangat. Nanti cepat saja terlelap. Hehe. Saya memang perlukan bunyi untuk fokus, sebab tu saya suka pasang muzik instrumental ketika menulis. Kalau kawan-kawan ada yang… Continue reading

Personal Phrases File

Saya ni bukanlah pandai sangat menulis tesis dalam bahasa inggeris. Terkial-kial juga nak membina ayat, lagi-lagi kosa kata tak banyak. Saya ada terjumpa PDF phrasebook di grup DSG di Facebook. Saya tak beberapa… Continue reading

Dilema ‘First Draft’

Sekarang saya sedang cuba untuk mula menulis dengan serius. Perasaan takut, ragu-ragu dan resah itu sentiasa ada. Betul ke tak aku tulis ni? Macam mengarut je? Memang susah nak ada progress kalau begitu.… Continue reading

What’s Your Word for 2016?

What is your word for 2016? It is sort of a theme for your life all the year long. You can choose either one or more. For 2016, I decided to chose the… Continue reading