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#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Hopes for Next Ramadhan

What is your hope for the next Ramadhan? Masya Allah! Here we are at the last day of Ramadhan. Can you believe that our honorable guest will be leaving very very soon? Hopefully… Continue reading

#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : The Last Ramadhan?

What would you do if you know this is your last Ramadhan? Wow, this is a tough question and a bit scary….I make du’a that I can get the chance to experience Ramadhan… Continue reading

#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Lessons Learnt

Precious lesson in Ramadhan This Ramadhan I learnt a few worthy lessons: How precious time is. I really realized the importance of time especially when I had to catch up with my Quran… Continue reading

#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : To-Do List

List 5 things to achieve today Today I have a typical to-do list like most of the days in Ramadhan: Clean the kitchen Fold the clothes Update blog Prepare iftar Bake kuih raya… Continue reading

#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Raya Anticipation

Why I can’t wait for RAYA so badly! Honestly I am not that excited to celebrate Raya. This year, alhamdulillah, unexpectedly I enjoy my Ramadhan more than previous year. So, I feel a… Continue reading

#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Favorite Ramadhan Routine

Favorite Routine in Ramadhan Fasting for 19 hours creates a new routine for my family (including the toddler). Since night is short here, our night schedule is a bit packed. In just 5 hours,… Continue reading

#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Favorite Firecracker

Favorite Firecracker I don’t have many experience playing with firecrackers because I am scared of the loud noise. Hehe~ However, I enjoyed playing with the ‘simplest’ and ‘safest’ firecracker in Malaysia: Pop Pop!… Continue reading

#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Iftar Recipe

Share an Iftar Recipe I made this Korean crispy and crunchy fried chicken. It’s yummy and the sound you make when you bite it is as if you are eating a biscuit. hehe~… Continue reading

#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Favorite Activity

Favorite Activity during Ramadhan For this Ramadhan, I have 2 favorite activities: Quran recitation with a goal to finish 30 juz. Preparing iftar for my beloved family ❤ That’s all. With these 2… Continue reading

#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Eating Experiences

Top 5 Eating Experiences during Fasting Month Hmm…this is a bit confusing. Does it mean ‘puasa yang yuk?’ Oh no, never! Hahaha. Well of course ladies have their off days during Ramadhan but… Continue reading