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Can You Read My Draft Please?

Maybe….perhaps…one fine day my poor draft will be checked right? (staring with kitten eyes) 😀   Advertisements

A Day Off in the Life of a PhD Student

Hahaha! This is sooooo true! We Phd students always have the anxiety/obsession to always work on our research. It is taunting to think about being separated from the research even for a short… Continue reading

The Never Ending Stages of Draft Approval

LOL! I can just laugh while crying ;’p Be prepared, dear PhD friends! We will face these difficult stages especially for those who are not writing the thesis in their own language. Although… Continue reading

The Academic Deadlines

LOL! Yes, submitting assignment by the actual deadline is actually EARLY. It is a bad habit but yeah~ we all know the struggles behind that ‘polished’ paper. Hopefully we can improve our time… Continue reading

The Little ‘Assistant’

Being a parent while doing PhD is very challenging. Maybe not for others, but I do admit the difficulties. However, the little troublemaker with his/her mischievousness  is what makes me more motivated, stronger… Continue reading

The Pie Chart of Thesis Writing Process

Yeaaaaaah that’s true! We usually contemplate the writing process much longer than we should do. I know the feeling about not having enough to say/write, but the ideas will actually develop during writing.… Continue reading

The Ambiguous Paper Draft Feedback? ;p

Aaah, I remember that time when I sent my draft to my Prof with such a nervous heart! Of course I worked so hard for it but I also knew that I have… Continue reading


LOL! This is sadly funny ;p I think this is a routine panic attack for PhD students. We feel obliged to do anything related to research every single day; and hence the development… Continue reading

The ’10 Seconds’ Idea

Yes, it is sad but true…Do you have this similar experience? So lesson learnt! Bring along any notepad anywhere or just type in your phone. Ideas do come at random times and locations,… Continue reading

What Year Are You?

One of the toughest questions to answer for a PhD student… But LOL, this is still funny! ;p Fill up the blanks with words customized to your situation. Hehehe¬