Monthly Archive: February, 2016

2 in 1 Meal Prep

Mungkin di mata orang lain, ini makanan orang pemalas. Hehe. Tapi inilah cara penyediaan makanan yang saya amalkan untuk keluarga kecil saya. 2 in 1. Masak sekali, makan 2 hari.; p Makanan halal… Continue reading

The Official Entrance into Thesis Writing Stage

Alhamdulillah finally submitted a half of chapter to Prof. It might seem small to others but it was a huge achievement for me. Writing in English especially academic piece is a damn hard… Continue reading

The “Fear Nots” in Writing

I admit that I always feel afraid during writing process. All sort of negative thinking keep provoking me and I know that is not ‘healthy’ for a thesis writer like me. So friends,… Continue reading