I Wish One Fine Day…


Wearing TudungPeople hijab, Safiyya XL in pink during a short appearance in “Nasi Lemak Kopi O” 3 years ago before I flew to London.


Four years ago, I was just an ordinary girl who loved to take challenges. That was why I went to an Islamic show audition just for the sake of experience because I knew my limits as a fresh graduate in literary studies from the US.

Little did I know that my casual action that day would change my life forever. Who would have thought that a girl who used to love kpop so much would actually win an Islamic reality tv show?! Until today, I am still in awe. Everytime I got invitations for talks, I would question my ability a thousand times because I was so scared of the heavy responsibility and expectation.

Today, I’m in a hiatus from that ‘world’. I am now living my life as a wife to a wonderful hubsy, a mom to a cheeky toddler and a struggling 3rd year PhD student of Comparative Literature Studies in the city of London. Please make du’a for me. This PhD journey is so hard and tiring but I’m still surviving alhamdulillah.

I wish one fine day, when the time finally comes, I will be known as an expert in my field rather than a winner of a reality tv show….insya Allah 🙂