Weekend Family Outing: A Coffee Session at Ealing Broadway

Last weekend, we did not have any specific plan. We just went to Ealing Broadway to buy a new tumbler for Papa, so that he can drink hot coffee wherever and whenever he wants. Hehe~

Then we decided to have our coffee sessionn at Costa Coffee in Ealing Broadway itself. So after buying a few pastries from M & S (a clever way to save money since pastries at Costa are a bit pricey ;p) we settled down at Costa and as usual it was always crowded. Costa Coffee in Acton is more comfortable and cosy for me, that’s why I usually spend time doing my research there.

This is me trying to take a decent picture with my chubby bunny boy but…of course he couldn’t remain still for a pose. After a while, he slid down from my lap and off he went exploring his own world!


And here, is my cheeky hubsy who likes to tease me whenever I demand a pose from him. Hehe~


Alhamdulillah! A great weekend well spent with my small family.đŸ˜˜