Mecca Crane Collapse: Al-Fatihah!


It was shocking to hear the news about the crane collapse in Mecca. Masjidil Haram is always full of people ALL THE TIME, therefore it is hard to avoid any injuries due to the collapse. Just imagine, how small you are under the humongous crane, and what can you do when suddenly it collapses just above your head, and you can’t even move because of the crowd. YA ALLAH!

About 100+ were found dead….it is sad…! However on the bright side, they died on a holy day of Friday, in the holy mosque of Masjidil Haram while doing a holy act of worshiping Allah. Masya Allah! What a beautiful death! ;’) May Allah grant husnul khatimah to all of us, amiiin.

Hopefully the Saudi government will take serious action regarding this matter as millions and millions of people will start occupying Masjidil Haram due to pilgrimage season.