Weekend Family Outing: Acton Green Park

Last Sunday, we went to a nearby park at Acton Green. We have been living in Acton for almost 2 years but this was the first time we visited the park. Hehe~ Just a 10 minutes walk and we arrived to the fun and interesting place. There is a playground with various playing equipments for small and big kids including a huge sand pit! Yeay!

Arish and papa had so much fun together while I sat on the bench reading articles. How wonderful to see my 2 men laughing and enjoying their bonding moment. 😀image

After that, we walked a little to a nearby frozen yogurt store called Samba Yogurt (if I am not mistaken) in Chiswick. Just look at Arish who couldn’t  resist the temptation anymore. ;pimageAlhamdulillah! A great weekend well spent with my small family ❤