PhD Yearly Plan Template


Generally new academic year starts in September but different schools around the world do have their own particular registration dates. Regardless of the dates, as students we should always be ready to face a new academic year, and one of the preparations is to plan.


I am not a very organised person but I am trying to teach myself to be more organised because time management is crucial for a PhD candidate. No matter how genius you are but if you fail to manage your time, your thesis writing will take forever. Although we wish for a  GOT (Graduate on Time), we realise that normally PhD takes 3 1/2 to 4 years. There are also who take more than 4 years to earn a PhD but this situation is highly ‘dangerous’ for those who are under certain scholarships.


Nevertheless, let us try to make a proper plan even though it might not be accomplished. Well, at least we have vision and mission for our PhD journey and it encourages us to be more motivated. Even better, show your PhD yearly plan to your SV during your next appointment to earn a few brownie points. It shows your determination and your SV will keep in his/her mind that you are serious in making progress. I made my own version of PhD yearly plan and showed it to my SV during our last appointment. She browsed through it and said,”Oh, you are very ambitious!”


Example of a PhD yearly plan. This is my ambitious plan. hihi¬

;p LOL! Then I said, “It’s just a motivation for me to work hard. I know it’s a bit ambitious. Hehe.”

Here, I would like to share a simple PhD yearly plan template that I made. Just fill up the blanks for 12 months (September 2015-August 2016).

You can click here to download a Pdf version of the yearly plan template:  MyPhDYearlyPlan

Of if you like to make any amendments, click here to download a Word version of the template: MyPhDYearlyPlan

Good luck!