Small Aidilfitri Gathering in Uxbridge

Yesterday I was invited to a small gathering by my Usrah Naqibah. I was so excited to fulfill the invitation because aidilfitri gathering here is raaare~ ;D Besides that, I really appreciate Malaysian gatherings because there are only a few Malaysians at my school and I occasionally see them.

Alhamdulillah we ate rendang, lemang, mee hailam and kuih raya. It turned out that the gathering was only for those who are in their 30’s! Hahaha! It was fun to have conversations with those who are in your age range.


We even had trying-out-hijab sessions since Kak Syima just came back from Malaysia and she brought many samples of the latest fashions of instant hijabs in Malaysia. Wow, it was so interesting that I literally had to be ‘trained’ by Kak Syima on how to actually put the hijab on! ;p

Alhamdulillah, it was fun and refreshing! ^_^