#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Hopes for Next Ramadhan


Ramadhan Du’a Day 29

What is your hope for the next Ramadhan?

Masya Allah! Here we are at the last day of Ramadhan. Can you believe that our honorable guest will be leaving very very soon? Hopefully we will have the opportunity to meet this beloved guest again next year, insya Allah.

My hopes for the next Ramadhan are:

  1. To be healthy and highly motivated to enjoy Ramadhan to the max.
  2. Off days to be in the middle of Ramadhan so that I can enjoy the beginning and the end of Ramadhan,
  3. To have a highly productive Ramadhan.
  4. Create a new habit.
  5. Perhaps finish 30 juz of tafsir Quran or memorize a few surahs
  6. Hopefully that time I have already written many chapters for my thesis ;p

What are your hopes for next Ramadhan?