#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Lessons Learnt


Ramadhan Du’a Day 27

Precious lesson in Ramadhan

This Ramadhan I learnt a few worthy lessons:

  1. How precious time is. I really realized the importance of time especially when I had to catch up with my Quran recitation after having 10 days off. Just imagine trying to catch up with 10 juz plus keeping on track with the current Ramadhan day. Therefore I try to recite Quran whenever I have time. It’s astonishing to realize that we can achieve many things in 24 hours, it’s just a matter of setting your priorities.
  2. Cooking together is bonding time. Hubsy doesn’t mind to help me in the kitchen. It’s wonderful to prepare iftar together while chatting about various things. I love the bonding moment ❤

Of course there are many other lessons but these are what I can remember for now.

What lessons did you learn this Ramadhan? ^_^