#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Unforgettable Ramadhan Memory


Ramadhan Du’a Day 17

Unforgettable Ramadhan Memory

This might sound ordinary to others but for us, it is such a rare occasion that deserves to be remembered for a long time. We actually had the opportunity to eat crab after 2 years. WAAAAAAA!

The last time we had crab was at my mother in law’s house in Bachok, Kelantan in 2013. Since then we did’t have any chance to eat crab because we thought the only way to get it is to go to an early morning market, which is very difficult with a toddler. So we had to forget our favorite food for quite a long time.

One day, I saw a Malaysian uncle at the supermarket. He told me about a Muslim seafood store at West Ealing. That’s near my house! So I asked hubsy if we could have a look at the store on the weekend. Masya Allah! They sell many kinds of sea creatures. And that’s how we finally had sweet and spicy crab for iftar. Hehe~

Alhamdulillah! 😀