#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Best Place for Iftar


Ramadhan Du’a Day 16

Best Place for Iftar

I can’t believe that I’m saying this: My small sweet home in London!

Of course iftar in Malaysia with our family is exceptional but let me tell you why I like iftar here, far from homeland.

We are a small family: me, hubsy and my toddler. There’s no bazar Ramadhan here, so I have to cook every single day although I feel lazy. Fortunately, hubsy like to lend a hand in the kitchen, so we have our bonding time there while cooking <3. I know that this situation is nearly impossible in Malaysia since we both work till late evening.

We also like to experiment many kind of dishes from all over the world. How exciting is that? In Malaysia, we will definitely opt for buying bazar food and as you all know, it gets repetitive after a week or two. However, here we try to prepare a variety of international food. They may not be perfect but they are so satisfying! ❤

Alhamdulillah 🙂