#PAMRAMADHAN 2015 : Favorite TV Show Before Iftar


Ramadhan Du’a Day 11

Favorite TV Show Before Iftar

Aaah, you know that UK does not have any special tv shows for Ramadhan. Hehe~

However I still remember the exciting special Ramadhan tv shows during my days in Tehran. I lived in Tehran for almost 4 years for my bachelor degree and basically I went through Ramadhan alone as I was the only Malaysian back then. I remember a drama entitled ‘Fereshte’ (Angel in English) which was on air for the whole Ramadhan month around iftar time. It was so exciting as it was mysterious and triggered my curiosity. So everyday, I would have light iftar while watching TV in my room. Once commercial ads were showed, I would quickly ran to the toilet for wudu’ and then performed my prayers. Hehe~ Oh those young days.. ;p

What do you watch before iftar?