#PAMRAMADHAN2015 : First Time Fasting


Ramadhan Dua Day 7

My Story: First Time Fasting

Here, I would like to share my story of first time fasting in London during summer. Last year, Arish still depended on my milk fully and having to fast for 19 hours during a hot day……….I literally fell flat on the floor. Ahah!

I felt as if my energy was sucked out and I lay down most of the time. I tried to sleep to forget the fatigue but when I woke up, there were still many hours left to iftar. I slept and woke up for a few times and still the time seemed to pass extremely slow. Once I woke up and I realized that 12 hours had pass and 7 hours to go, automatically I blurted out these words: Waaa….if I were in Malaysia, I would be having my iftar now! Hahahaha! What a spoiled mother ;p

Alhamdulillah it lasted for the first few days only. Then I got used to it and managed to get through Ramadhan like a normal person. Hahaha~ ;D