#PAMRAMADHAN2015 (5) : Ramadhan Challenges


Ramadhan Dua Day 5

Top 3 Most Challenging in Ramadhan

Although there are many challenges during Ramadhan, I do enjoy Ramadhan so much! I just love this holy month. ❤ Overall the top 3 of Ramadhan challenges are:

  1. The 19 hours of fasting.

The average time to fast in Malaysia is around 12 years. Meanwhile, when I was a student back then in Tehran, Iran and St Louis, USA, Ramadhan hours were not too long. If I am not mistaken, that time Ramadhan fell in auntumn and very late summer. Therefore fasting for 19 hours here in London is a bit shocking for me.

2. Entertaining Arish

Arish is a toddler full of energy who needs constant attention. And although he is already 2 years 2 months old, he still drinks my milk occasionally. So entertaining Arish takes quite some energy too. Hehe~

3. Reading books for PhD research

Oh, you know that your mood to study will drastically decrease during fasting month ;p However I shall not make it as an excuse to be lazy. It is a big challenge for me but I will try my best to keep up with my readings, insya Allah.

How about you? Do you face any difficult challenges during Ramadhan?