#PAMRAMADHAN2015 (2) : Bazar Ramadhan


Ramadhan Dua Day 2

The Best Bazar Ramadhan. Where and Why?

Bazar Ramadhan at Bandar Seri Putera, Bangi!

Mmm…I can’t say that it’s the best bazar ramadhan because it’s just a typical Malaysian bazar, nothing special. However the bazar did ease my life a lot. Hehe~ I lived in Bandar Seri Putera for 2 years only (2012-2013), then I came here to London. During Ramadhan 2012, I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and had an unpleasant sickness. I couldn’t eat anything except for soups. And of course I didn’t have energy to prepare anything for hubs. So, I did rely on the bazar a lot.

During Ramadhan 2013, Arish was just 3 months old. I did some cooking but I couldn’t do a lot because I was still adjusting to my new life as a mother. Again, the bazar became my assistant. ;p

I miss bazar Ramadhan here in London. But in a positive side, I can polish my cooking skills a lot as I have to prepare everything by myself. ^_^

So do you have a favorite bazar Ramadhan?