#PAMRAMADHAN2015 (1) : Ramadhan Goals


Ramadhan Du’a Day 1

Ramadhan is finally here! Alhamdulillah! ^_^

So for this year, I would like to join the Ramadhan daily list challenge organized by the Planner Addict Malaysia (PAM) group. It is a fun and creative way to reflect on our Ramadhan. I like the prompts so much and without further ado, I decided to jump on the bandwagon too!

Ramadhan Goals

This year I am determined to fulfill these goals:

  1. Make solat taubah/solat hajat as a daily habit.

It is said that an activity will develop into a habit after doing it continuously for 20 days and more. Even though this goal might seem easy to others, for me it is not. I have to fight the laziness, procrastination, excuses and lots more to make it as a habit. Insya Allah, I can do it!

2. Finish 30 juz of Quran during Ramadhan 2015

This is also a big challenge for me. I have to be consistent in Quran recitation to finish 30 juz in a month especially when I will have to face a few days of ‘holidays’. So to back up the coming missing days, I will have to read more than usual (4 pages after each solat) to maintain the consistency. I make du’a that Allah will grant me the honor to khatam the Quran this Ramadhan insya Allah.

3. Progress in PhD research

Last year, it was the first time for me to fast for 19 hours. It was so hard for me especially when my son relied on my milk. I was totally exhausted and had no mood to open my book, so I ditched my PhD research for a whole month. Huhuhu~ Yeah, yeah, I know it’s such a bad habit. Therefore this year I want to be stronger and more determined to make some progress in my research despite fasting for long hours. Insya Allah ^_^