The Rohingyas: The ‘Palestinians’ of South East Asia?

Malaysians are always passionate in helping Palestine sisters and brothers. If I am not mistaken, I saw an analysis stating Malaysians as one of the highest sponsors for the Palestinians. Alhamdulillah, at least the donation can substitute our inability to defend Palestine physically with them and hopefully they will survive as long as possible. That is why I am so shocked to hear that Malaysia has refused the Rohingya refugees. Whaaaaaaaat! WHY?


I am speechless….and so embarrassed. T_T

I admit that I don’t understand much about politics but why must Malaysia say NO to those poor people? Just imagine, they were stuck in the sea for 3 months! Even adults find it challenging. How about babies, children, old people, pregnant mamas and others? I read an article describing their extreme hunger; they had to survive by drinking their own urine..sobs! and even killing other families and throwing the bodies into the ocean over fights for food!

Rohingya refugees are like the Palestinians of South East Asia and we should help them! They are denied citizenship at their own country,facing with endless torture and oppression, and they are also not welcomed at any neighboring countries. So where should they go?! I am pretty sure that Malaysians will donate money to them but even with lots of food or supplies, how can they live in the ocean with nowhere to go? They are not mermaids that can live in the sea or birds that can fly in the sky. They are human beings that have to live on land!

Compared to Palestinians, Rohingyas are much nearer (distance) to us, they are also Muslims and they even arrived at our shores with 1001 of difficulties. SO how dare Malaysia denied them???! What’s the difference between helping our Palestinian friends and Rohingya friends? Oh come on! Even Acheh who is still recovering from the tsunami tragedy is willing to help them. Shame on us! It feels like hypocrisy at its best.


Other faraway countries are concern about Rohingya people. Malaysia as the neighboring country should be more concerned! I sincerely hope that Malaysia government can accept the Rohingyas. And for others, let us continuously make contribution by donating, making du’a, and helping them in whatever form.

Peace, no war ❤