A Long Journey ~ Part 6

Pada 26 April 2015 yang lepas, Tok Ayah saya yang disayangi telah kembali menemui Illahi. Terasa sayu sekali tetapi saya hanya mampu mendoakannya dari kejauhan. Saya pasti ummi saya lebih sedih kerana ketika itu dia tiada di sisi ayahnya. Lebih terkilan lagi kerana dia tidak mampu menatap wajah Tok Ayah kali terakhir sebelum dikebumikan kerana dia berada di luar negara ketika itu. Menambahkan lagi kesedihan, 26 April juga merupakan hari ulangtahun ummi.

Tokayahdalam kenangan

Al-fatihah untuk Allahyarham Tok Ayah yang disayangi.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Allahyarham Tok Ayah. Saya berharap ummi akan tabah dan banyak bersabar dalam menghadapi pemergian ayahnya yang tercinta.

Baiklah. Jom kita sambung dengan cerpen ‘Perjalanan Yang Jauh’ karya Zaharah Nawawi. Terimalah sambungan kisah ini yang saya terjemahkan dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

A Long Journey

By: Zaharah Nawawi

Translated by: Firuz Akhtar Mohamad Bohari


. The dextrose pint with added saline was already hanging opposite her right shoulder. Rugayah’s hands were now both pricked with brannula[1], which would get blood and fluids flowing into her body.

Amid the tense activity, the doctor and nurses hid their anxiety and uneasiness behind tranquil movements and facial expressions.

In the stiffness of her body, assisted by several machines to help heal her, Rugayah felt her flesh and all the blood vessels—small, big, long, and short—and every one of her bones burning painfully, especially her those in her head.

“We must do something,” the doctor said in a low voice. “Syntometrine is not working now. Inject pitocin into the drip,” ordered Doctor Ee, when he realized there was no change in his patient. Blood was still flowing like before.

“Operation?” The nurse’s voice gave hope.

“That’s the last option.” The doctor’s voice was low, but firm. Doctor Ee immediately gathered the surgical team. The obstetric nurse, who had left the case she had been working on, took a deep breath. Relieved, but still anxious.[2] All prayers and sympathy poured out to Rugayah.

“Hope she’ll survive,” said Nurse Zek, taking off her gloves. Nurse Em nodded and soaped her hands.

“Call her husband.” Doctor Ee looked at Nurse Di, his assistant in the operating room.

Sham entered. His face was full of questions and hope.

“We are not merely performing an operation, but we also need to remove your wife’s uterus,” Doctor Ee said, staring at the anxious face of Sham.

“Please do anything that can save her. I give my approval.” Sham nodded weakly. In his eyes, there were a million signs of disappointment and consent.

Sham scribbled a contorted signature. The doctor approached Rugayah, who was struggling with pain.

“Madam, we have to perform an operation,” Doctor Ee said and held Rugayah’s extremely frail hands. Rugayah nodded weakly.

“But…” Doctor Ee hesitated.

“Mr. Sham,” Doctor Ee called for Sham. Sham walked towards the doctor, who was standing beside Rugayah’s bed.

“I am giving you a chance to see your husband, mother, and children before we begin the operation.” Doctor Ee gazed deeply into Rugayah’s eyes and then looked at Sham.

Mother was called. The four sad kids also came, holding their grandmother’s left and right hands. Sham caressed Rugayah’s head with glassed eyes. Rugayah kissed Sham’s hands and, through the language of her gaze, asked for forgiveness and love.

The children, impatient to hug their mother, did not allow Rugayah to continue kissing Sham’s hands. They dashed to Rugayah and cuddled up to her. Rugayah kissed her four children with dripping tears that nothing could stop. Mother could not bear witnessing the distressful scenario and hugged and kissed Rugayah as much as possible. Many assumptions filled their hearts, especially when they saw Rugayah so pale, cold, and shivering from blood loss. The sparkle in her eyes had also disappeared.

[1] A type of syringe.

[2] She was relieved to be off her case, but was still anxious.