A Long Journey ~ Part 5

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Oh how I miss my parents so much! Alhamdulillah my ummi knows how to use Whatsapp, so we are able to send messages and videos.  A few days ago, my ummi sent a picture and I was awed to see the beautiful scenery. My parents had made a last minute decision to join a travel trip to a few countries. It seems that they had so much fun! Enjoy your vacation, dear ayah and ummi~! ❤


Ok now we will proceed with the continuation of Zaharah Nawawi’s short story, translated into English by me.

A Long Journey

By: Zaharah Nawawi

Translated by: Firuz Akhtar Mohamad Bohari


Rugayah tried to restrain, but she had no energy left.

As she was being wheeled to the delivery room, the baby, who had been stuck, suddenly broke out from its dry prison. Rugayah simply allowed her fifth child to enter the world without waiting for the specialist, who might have been struggling with another patient’s case.

To her knowledge and from what she had read, Rugayah also knew that if the amniotic fluid had already flowed and the baby was still inside, the baby could die if delayed. Let it come out, she thought.

At this critical moment, she could no longer wait for the doctor’s arrival.

The nurses were busy with their job of welcoming and cleaning the new human, who was grimy with blood. Suddenly, something odd happened. Blood spurted out, wetting Rugayah’s body.

“Ya Allah,” Nurse Zek said, shocked.

“Where’s the doctor? Call the doctor quickly.” Nurse Em, who was holding Rugayah’s hand, became more anxious.

“Make an emergency call to the doctor.” Nurse Em looked at Zek.

Doctor Ee dashed in. “I’m here. I’m here,” said the doctor, rushing towards Rugayah. He looked at the clock on the wall.

“How many minutes have passed since the birth?”

“Seven minutes.” Nurse Zek glanced at the clock and made some notes in a file.

“Have you given the Syntometrine injection to shrink the uterus?”

“Yes, doctor.”

“Has the placenta come out already?”

“Yes doctor.”

“Placenta is out. Syntometrine injection has been given. The uterus is supposed to have already shrunk and there should be no bleeding.” Doctor Ee checked the file that was hanging at the head of the bed.

“Is the placenta completely out?” asked Doctor Ee, while checking if the placenta was still there. He wanted to see if there might be pieces of placenta left in the uterus.

“Completely,” she said.

“Maybe this post-partum hemorrhage[1] is due to uterine inertia, which means that the uterus has not shrunk, Doctor,” Nurse Zek suggested. Doctor Ee observed Rugayah’s file again.

“40 years of age. Fifth child.” He looked at Nurse Zek. “She gave birth to her fifth child at the age of 40,” he continued slowly.

“Maybe it’s a uterine rupture[2] case,” he said while continuing his inspection.

“Uterine rupture?” All the nurses stood agape. Uterine rupture cases are unusual, but not inconceivable.

“Yes, uterine rupture.” Doctor Ee nodded. “Although the Syntometrine injection to shrink the uterus has been given, blood is still flowing fast through every vein in her body.”

Rugayah trembled, becoming weaker and colder. Her skin began to turn blue. Her lips were already blue. Something had to be done.

“Get blood pints from the blood bank…Quickly! Quickly!” ordered Doctor Ee.

As fast and as skillfully as possible, the attendants did their duty to save something that could not be replaced. The blood pints were immediately hung in front of Rugayah’s left shoulder.

[1] Critical bleeding after delivery.

[2] The uterus is ripped or torn in this case.