Tips To Be A Playful Parent


Papa and Arish being playful during our vacation in Istanbul

I want to make sure that my son gets an enjoyable childhood. Of course I want to train him to be the best but the training process should be fun. It is my dream to be a cool parent.

For me, one of the characters of a cool parent is to be playful. Arish loves to play, like almost all the time he will try to find a chance to play. Well, it is normal for toddlers, unfortunately I am always out of idea on how to be playful with him. Perhaps the PhD journey keeps erasing the playful side of me…pfft.. (Firuz, please stop blaming others!)

I am so grateful that my husband is a genius at being a playful dad. He does all sort of activities with Arish: playing horses, hide and seek, counting coins, body seesaw and others.  It is so refreshing to hear laughter of those two at the house 😀

I will make an effort to be playful too! I found this idea sheet on being a playful parent and I would like to share it with all wonderful parents out there.

Let us be playful together! ^_^

playful parent