A Love Affair with Coffee


I hereby confess that I am a coffee lover. It all started during my MA years in America. How can you resist the temptation when you keep seeing  coffee shops within 2-3 blocks? (lame excuse)

At one time, I used to have headaches due to excessive coffee intakes. LOL! But now, I am able to cut it down to one intake per day but that ONE coffee should be GOOD. Well, I need my perfectly brewed coffee to go on with my PhD journey don’t I? …..(Ok I know this is another lame excuse but I still love my coffee!)

coffeephdI get excited whenever I enter a proper coffee shop. The smell makes me calm and I just love the atmosphere. That is why I appointed coffee shop as the best location for me to focus on reading. AHAH!


Although I am in love with coffee, I am clueless about the ‘coffee clan’. There are so many types of coffee written on the board that makes me wonder how different a cup of coffee can be. Tak kenal, maka tak cinta. So, why don’t we get to know the coffee family?


Of course there are more coffee types than those above. My taste may change again in the near future but for now, my favorites are Caffe Caramella and Ginger Bread Latte. Well, some even say that coffee represents your personality. I think that is nonsense since our coffee preference will differ from time to time but still, let us see what are the predictions.


Ok enough coffee talk for today. So how about you? Are you a coffee lover yourself?

What kind of coffee do you like the most? ❤