You Are What You Eat



It has been a while since I  wrote anything in Engish. The last time was during my SPM and that was almost 10 years ago. Hahhaha so sorry if my writing sucks, horrible or what so ever =)

Ok, for now the topic is FOOD. My ustaz back in school always said “ Makan untuk hidup ke? Hidup untuk makan?”  One of the phrases that we usually see in newspapers “ You are what you eat” and a lot of others that I cannot recall anymore, sorry guys..

Malaysia is also known as ‘food paradise’ among tourists.  Yes that is true, our food is awesome together with spices and herbs and don’t forget about its multiracial and multicultural identity.

For your information, our lovely country, Malaysia is currently No 1 in the ranking of obesity population in the whole of Southeast Asia. Well, however ugly the truth is, we have to accept it.  We can see nowadays the numbers of restaurant are increasing like crazy. You can always easily find a ‘fullhouse’ restaurant at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning while it is very hard to find even a quater ‘fullhouse’  gymnasium/aerobic  center or any sport center facilities even on Sunday morning .



Do you want to know how much calories that Malaysian usually take per meal? Here I give some of the facts that most of us intend to ignore.



Nasi Lemak with fried chicken 934 Cal
Fried Meehon/ noodle 510 Cal
Mamak Maggi goreng 751 Cal
Penang Laksa 436 Cal
Apam balik (1 pc) 282 Cal
Roti canai/Dhal 359 Cal


Now let us compare to how much you will burn from exercising. This schedule shows calories burned if the subject is more than 77kg and duration of exercise is  more than 45 minutes.


Calories burned in a 77kg subject

(45 minutes)

Running 698 Cal
Swimming 667 Cal
Stationary bike 638 Cal
Bicycling 607 Cal
Aerobics 425 Cal
Weight lifting 364 Cal


Ok now you know about the ugly truth of our food isn’t it? Imagine 45 minutes of running on a treadmill but still you cannot burn all the calories you get from 1 nasi lemak with fried chicken.

Here I attached some of the pictures that I took from my sis-in-law’s wedding few months ago. We can see how much the oil precipitated in this ‘kawah’. Back in the day, when almost all of our ancestors were farmers, this kind of oily(high calories) food is considered forgivable because all of them used a lot of physical strength that burned calories even faster than running on a treadmill.



Khalassah min Qaul, you are what you eat. Tepuk dada, tanyalah selera…and don’t forget to exercise whenever you are free. Ok see y’all in next article, peace y’all…..Assalamualaikum