My Year 2014 In a Glance


Year 2014 is getting ready to bid farewell to us. How time flies…. It feels as if we just jotted down our new year resolution not long ago and yet, the year is ‘expiring’ in a couple of hours. By the way, how has your 2014 been doing?  Of course there are ups and downs but generally 2014 is doing fine for me. Well, the highlights for my 2014 are:

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1) My sister’s wedding in March. Everyone was ‘summoned’ to return home. Can you imagine that I traveled to Malaysia with Arish and stayed in Malaysia for merely 3 days? Crazy wasn’t it?! And yes, of course, I had fever upon returning London ;p


2) I submitted my upgrade chapter in May and passed my proposal defense in June. So nerve wrecking since it was like the first mega test for me and alhamdulillah, I passed it although I had doubts in myself. LOL!


3) Third honeymoon in Paris. The vacation was just a few days after my proposal defense, so you can imagine how excited I was. It was a wonderful family budget vacation featuring Arish for the first time although he pretty much was asleep throughout the vacation. Hehehe~

4) Longest hours of Ramadhan ever. I had experience fasting in different countries but this year’s Ramadhan was the most challenging. For the first time I struggled fasting for 18 hours during summer while nursing my son. Fuh! On the first day, I literally was flat on the floor, counting hours to iftar. Hahaha! Nevertheless, alhamdulillah I got used to it and enjoyed Ramadhan with my little family.


5) My siblings, Halim from Turkey and Afifah from South Korea stayed over for summer. I always love to be with siblings as we tend to do fun stuffs together. I wish my siblings can visit me often, so start saving guys! Hihihi~

Hmm…that’s it! Ahamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal 🙂

However, my beloved country has not been well in 2014. With 3 airplane incidents in a year and the worst flood in decades, Malaysia has been struggling to stay put. O Allah, please help us recover from the wounds. May Allah bless us all and we can be more successful and happier in the future. For now, let us help the flood victims with anything we can. For those who are in the UK like me, let us donate some money; hopefully that our small help can ease their pain.


Actually, in early December, I attended a progress presentation session organised by UKM. Of course some of us were bombarded by questions and comments  but it was normal to get such feedback. The most stressful moment for us was the ‘warning’ given by the panels to finish PhD in 3 years. 0_0 Honestly, it is RARE for a PhD student to finish within 3 years. PhD is not a competition, it is a maturing journey in being a specialist in a certain field. Therefore, it takes time to be a learned person. Well, it is not impossible to fulfill the expectation but yeah, you have to work like there’s no tomorrow. HAHAHAHA! [gila sesaat]

Currently, I am in my second year of PhD or the data collection stage. For my research, it means a year of reading, Reading, READING! Seriously, I have lots of documents to read, my SV even asked for a reading schedule and she pasted it on her wall (gulp..). For now, I have dedicated deep reading of a certain primer source for a month. Overall, I have about 12 corpus to be ‘digested’ and ooo…let me tell you, it ain’t easy. And of course I need to do the secondary readings too hence, making me nervous for the entire semester. September 2014-September 2015 will be a year of ‘eating’ books for me.

Although it is not easy to be a PhD student, a wife and a mother at the same time, I am so grateful to have my hubby and chubby bunny during my PhD journey. They make me maintain my sanity. AHAH! My source of motivation is du’a and support from my little family, parents, siblings, big family, friends, generally everyone, and not to mention my guilty pleasure of K-dramas and a bit of Kpop. Double AHAH! Since I am now in my 3 series, my interest may have shifted in the drama/song land. Cutesy, cheesy storyline does not attract me anymore, I prefer dramas/songs that make me think or reflect. Well, anyone shares the same interest? Mind to share some of your favorite dramas/songs? ;p Oh I normally watch/listen while doing other stuffs, so I still get my work done. I am a multi-tasker so I still can focus despite doing many things at the same time. Hehehe~

Okay, this post is long enough as a closure for 2014 😀 Although I have other priorities to tend to, insya Allah I will try to write more in the future. I know I have been getting a lot of questions and requests to write more on tips, but yeah, I have to give priority to my study. Nevertheless, I will try to squeeze in some blogging time since I love writing.

Let’s be a better person in the coming year of 2015. May we live in barakah and happiness. See you next year, guys!

Ilal liqa’, ma’assalamah! ❤ ❤ ❤