My Year 2013 in a Glance

Alhamdulillah, 2013 had been a ‘quiet’ and ‘private’ year for me as I was more focused on my family. I did not make public appearance as much as before but I did experience some wonderful moments in 2013. ‘Ala kulli hal, alhamdulillah wa shukr lillah.

1)      Third trimester of pregnancy

I got really chubby towards the last months of pregnancy. From 54kg, my weight added up to 70kg. Huhu~ I was like the female version of humpty dumpty.


Tembam giler kan? ;p

2)      Child birth (5 April 2013)

As a first time mom, I was really nervous since I did not know what to expect. Nevertheless, I tried to motivate myself that everything would be okay because I was not the only person giving birth, other women all around the world regardless of time were having the same experience too (self-hypnosis. LOL).

Truthfully speaking, the pain was indescribable. It was an ‘outside of the world’ pain. So painful that you would not care about anything, you feel shame no more and you just want to release the baby out to lessen the pain. Hehe. So please be thankful and grateful to your mommies. Giving birth really hurts. Haha! (I don’t mean to scare anyone. Although it is painful, the pain disappears once you see the baby. Trust me :D)


My precious Arish Ulwa: a few hours after birth

3)      Confinement period + parenthood

I took 3 months off from work for confinement. Honestly, the early period of confinement was a bit stressful since I had to adapt to my new role as a mother and I hate doing nothing. You know that during confinement you are not allowed to do anything AT ALL. It seems like a princess but…argh! I felt bored ;p

Despite that, I actually enjoyed being a new mother. I could stare at my baby for a long time without being tired. Alhamdulillah for the most wonderful gift from Allah. Being a mother is not an easy task but I do love seeing his each development.


Hi everyone! (9 April 2013)


His first smile (10 April 2013)


I’m confused! (17 April 2013)


The loves of my life: like father, like son (20 April 2013)


Shaved by his Tok Mek (2 May 2013)


My chubby superhero (8 June 2013)


As round as the ladybird beg 😀 (4 July 2013)


In his baju melayu during Aidilfitri (8 August 2013)


A day out with his Atuk (26 August 2013)


A day out with Tok Mek in Kota Bharu (18 September 2013)


Someone does not like to wear thick clothes ;p (November 2013)

4)      University application process

I wrote a PhD proposal during confinement. At first, I was not too motivated to start writing complicated stuffs like proposal and I was too busy enjoying motherhood (excuse for being lazy ;p)

However, thanks to my dad who nagged endlessly, I managed to finish it. Thank you ayah, along really appreciate it so much. You knew that it was necessary to produce a decent proposal in order to apply for a place. Insya Allah I will share tips for applying a place at foreign universities and scholarships in the next posts.

Looking at my range of interest and suitable supervisors, I decided to apply to four universities: Oxford University, University of London (SOAS), University of Exeter, University of Edinburgh. Unexpectedly, on the first of Ramadhan, I got an offer from SOAS-alhamdulillah. I got an offer from Exeter too but I decided to choose SOAS.

5) Departure preparation

It was a major headache! I had to prepare everything within a month. It was difficult to deal with all the paper works and fussy stuffs in a short time-visa application, BTN, agreement, moving house etc.

6) Adapting to London Life

I registered as an MPhil/PhD student at SOAS. For the first semester, I had meetings with the supervisors and research classes. The vibe is different compared to America and I am still trying to get used to it. May Allah ease my research journey. Amin.


Back to school after 2 years

Well, this is a glance through my 2013 year. In conclusion, I was not active as before as I turned down many invitations due to my pregnancy and departure preparation. Insya Allah for 2014, I want to be more productive. Of course I have big wishes like being a better Muslimah, wife, daughter, mother, researcher, etc. But I have more specific, small wishes that I like to fulfil this year such as:

1)      Read Quran everyday even a surah.

2)      Read academic book everyday even a paragraph.

3)      Write anything everyday even a paragraph or an FB status.

Perhaps it sounds so simple to others but it is a struggle for me to be istiqamah. I wish I can be istiqamah and from this tiny habits, insya Allah I will create or produce bigger and better works.

That is all for now. May we have a blessed and successful year ahead. Bittaufiq wannajah! ^_^


Lots of love from the city of London! ❤