The Comeback of Firuz Akhtar


It has been long since I posted an entry on this blog. I kept contemplating on what I should post here. Maybe because this wordpress bears the name ‘Ustazah Pilihan’, so it makes me more cautious. However, I then realized that –why should I ‘cover-cover’ and kill my interest and so called talent (eyes rolled) in writing? Therefore, I decided to make a comeback but with a more casual style. More relaxed, and more ‘Firuz Akhtar’ 😀

Since I finished my studies in America (2011), my life was on a fast track mode. I was astonished and also thankful to Allah S.W.T for the great experiences and adventures. Let me brief my last 2 years life in chronological order.



May 2011 Graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis, USA for M.A degree
June-July 2011 From America, I stopped at South Korea and stayed there for a month with my 2 sisters (Uni students in Korea)
July 2011 Proposed by my hubby. He flew from Japan to South Korea and proposed me! *blushing*
Mid July 2011 Went back to Malaysia after 2 years and 2 days after, ‘rombongan merisik’ arrived!
End July 2011 Participated ‘Ustazah Pilihan’ audition
August 2011 Got a phone call from Astro saying that I was selected
Mid Sept 2011 Got engaged to the most wonderful man ❤
End Sept 2011 Officially joined ‘Ustazah Pilihan’ program
December 2011 Final ‘Ustazah Pilihan’ and I actually won!! Alhamdulillah!
Mid December 2011 Visited South Korea for a week after 2 months in ‘prison’ ;p
January 2012 Started to adapt the ‘new shocking life’ as Ustazah Pilihan
April 2012 Officially a wife to Mr. Shahril Sulaiman. The most wonderful moment in my life. Thank you cik abe for marrying me~
May 2012 Joined UKM as a lecturer
End June 2012 My wedding reception at Tanjong Malim
Early July 2012 My wedding reception at Kelantan
August 2012 Shocking news! The doctor confirmed the existence of a baby! Alhamdulillah
September 2012 Started to have classes with university students
Oct 2012 – now Adapting to my new exciting life as a pregnant lady.
April 2013 Insya Allah the birth of my baby. Please make du’a for us

Now, do you believe me?! How so many things (extraordinary/great things) happened in a short time! I could barely breathe and I tried to pinch myself to make sure that all of these are really happening in my life. Alhamdulillah, syukur. This is when I truly feel the miracle of this ayat:


Maybe this sounds like an excuse, but I kinda left my passion of writing in order to adapt to the non-stop unbelievable events in my life. Now I think I have the strength to start again. It doesn’t mean that my life is not exciting anymore, no, not like that. It’s just that I think I’m getting more ‘matured’ after entering a new phase of life and I’m becoming more stable now. Alhamdulillah.

So dear friends, I really hope that I can be active again in writing. My last post on wordpress was August 2012, meanwhile my last post on blogspot was August 2011! Wow, so loooong! I hope to be istiqamah in writing beneficial stuffs but in a more casual way. See you soon insya Allah. I’m excited to start a new phase of my writing development!

My name is Firuz Akhtar and this is my story of the gifts and adventures that Allah has rewarded me! Alhamdulillah!


Got my M.A. degree 😀 Syukur!


Fun time in South Korea with sisters ( June 2011)


With beloved ummi on my engagement day


The final of ‘Ustazah Pilihan’


Visited South Korea again after 2 months in ‘prison’ ;p


Officially a wife to Mr. Shahril Sulaiman. Alhamdulillah!


Wedding at Kelantan


With my beloved students

Illalliqa’. Wassalam


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  1. Akhi Fairuz says:

    Syukur dah kembali 🙂 Nantikan comeback dr Akhi Fairuz pula ;p

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